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Spring 2021 League Ages and Divisions

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**Please note - divisions of play offered are dictated by registrations in each age group. There are no guarantees that a particular division will be played.

Senior Division is played on a high school size field - 60'6" pitching distance and 90' base paths. Players MUST use a BBCOR bat.

Junior Division
is played on a high school size field - 60'6" pitching distance and 90' base paths. Modified diamond dimensions may be used during the regular season. All bats in this division must have the USA Baseball marking.
BBCOR bats are allowed.

All other divisions below play on a field with 46' pitching distance and 60' base paths - runners may not lead off.

Major Division is a step up from our "AAA" Minor Division - however, both divisions play using the same rules except that Major Division can play two games in one day and it uses the dropped third strike rule.

"AAA" Minor Division is full time kid pitch.

"AA" Minor Division will be a part-time kid pitch division.

"A" or "Coach Pitch" Minor Division will receive 6 pitches from the coach and swinging strikes will count.

"Rookies" Division will receive 3 pitches from a coach and one swing off a tee if necessary.

Please see our ground rules and bat rules for further details.

Placement in the Junior, Intermediate, Major, AAA, AA and A Divisions will be determined by the draft. For instance, a 10 year old is eligible for Major and AAA Divisions and chooses to try out for Major. If the player is not drafted in Major, he will be eligible for the AAA Division.

Players who played in Major or Junior division may request to return to the same team they were on the prior spring and will not be required to try out if that team is kept intact. This does not guarantee a specific coach. Coaches are approved on a year-by-year basis. 

Players aged 12 can request to play in Major and Junior divisions concurrently during the spring. For a player playing in two divisions, there is an additional fee. If the player is returning to a team in one division and wishes to play in two divisions, he will need to try out for the additional team. Division placement is determined by the draft and is not guaranteed. The additional fee will be refunded if the player is not selected to play in two divisions. The fee MUST be paid before a player will be placed on a second team and a uniform ordered. 

Team placement in all divisions is by draft - it is not possible to honor requests for a specific coach. Siblings or other related players living in the same household can be protected if they play in the same division. These players should be registered under the same parent account to ensure the sibling protection. As always, division placement is determined by the draft. In other words, a coach must be willing to draft BOTH players in the same division.